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Susie M’s - America’s R-tistic Tattoo Company Susie M’s - Gallery of Fine Tattooing was actually conceived shortly after Kelly Miller began Tattooing in Ogden, Ut in January 1982. Kelly eventually moved to Reno NV. and opened a Custom Studio there, which he worked in for many years before meeting and then helping Susan Lucas, (from Milwaukee) open her Susie M’s Studio in Salt lake City.

Susie M’s - America’s R-tistic Tattoo Company, aka, SM ART TATTOO CO. was established in August of 1991 at 1361 so State Street, Salt lake City, Ut. And has been doing business as Susie M’s Gallery of Fine Tattooing since then.

Not long after we first opened, Susie M’s quickly became the leading local tattoo Studio. The working artists at that time (as they still do) worked very hard setting the Artistic, Ethical and Business Standards that Susie M’s has become famous for.

These well established standards and our drive for high quality tattoo work is still inuencing the local area tattoo scene, and the entire profession to this day. Two locations to serve you. Our Original Susie M's Studio is now known as; THE UNIVERSAL TATTOO STUDIO, 1361 so. State Street

Early in our existence both Sue and Kelly, along with the other Artists working at Susie M’s would participate in the National and International level, world class Tattoo Conventions that were held around the country. And most often, would get great reviews and win artistic recognition (awards) from the other attending World class Artists. We are proud that more than 100 Awards have been given to Artists at Susie M’s for their individual art styles and the mass amount of completed custom art work that has been done here. Due to our high quality business standards and excellent tattooing skills, Collectors and Enthusiasts come across town, from out of town, they even travel hundreds and even thousands of miles to be tattooed by the highly skilled and popular artist that choose to work at Susie M’s. Our Full Body Tattoo designs are only one of our specialities that we have been recognized for. We’re also known (won many awards) for our Portraits and Coverup work we do. Our Asian style designs have won awards and been recognized as world class tattoos at world class tattoo events and art shows. We also enjoy tattooing Traditional style tattoo designs, and can do any of the 1000’s of traditional designs we have on hand, as good as they can be done, at the best price. Walk-ins are welcome and are tattooed on a rst come basis. Come early. Appointments are required for most custom work. Drawing time is always FREE, We believe our art and drawing skills will sell them selves.

During the past 20 years there has been more than 70 Tattooers work through an Apprenticeship at Susie M’s, each one has brought a unique and appreciated presence to our environment. While the average Tattooer spends 3 to 8 years with us before moving on, some Tattooers have been with Susie M’s more than fteen years, while others moved on to other areas within a couple of years. Due to our high Standards, some tattooers spend only a short time before moving on to work in other local studios. The Sta at Susie M’s has always been proud to have helped the successful Tattooers that have become our local competition. The best local Studios have all been inuenced at one time or another with the help of a former Susie M’s Tattooer. As a matter of fact, the Best Studios along the Wasatch Front, that have opened in the past 15 years, have been opened or are now operated by former Tattooers of Susie M’s. We are proud say that all Professional Tattooers that have worked with us in the past will continue to set high quality art, and business standards, for the next generation Tattoo Collectors to enjoy. We intend to be a serious inuence on the Local Tattoo Profession, at every level, for a long time to come.

Susie M’s New Studio - The GALLOWS of FINE TATTOOING is located right across the street at; 1332 so. State Street Phone 801 953 0172 General Information ph- 801 467 8282

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